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New Year's Eve bottle decor

Plush bottle decor

New Year's and Christmas holidays are a special time, which from childhood is associated with the bright glitter of Christmas decorations, sparkling lights, laughter, smiles, tangerines and the expectation of a miracle. But in adult life everything is not the same as in childhood, and the festive spirit must be created by hand. Then you realize how important every little thing is in this difficult business! That's why, for completeness of the picture, even Champagne wine on the festive table should be in an image, which we will gladly create according to your order/sketch/thought even for one bottle, even for a hundred! As an example - our decorative gnome covers! Each such "outfit" for a bottle will serve you for many years and will not lose its decorativeness, which we are 100% sure of. With such alco-gnomics it will be more fun to go to the guests, and children's non-alcoholic event can be decorated!

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