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Custom plush toy Alf

soft toy Alf

Our alien Alf is created in a mixed technique. This means that the toy is partly felted from wool and partly sewn from plush. Such complex manipulations are done in order to achieve maximum similarity of the toy with the character from the cult sitcom. The product is created in a stationary sitting position, but, at the same time, it has movable arms due to the flexible frame inside. The material for the pelt is selected from a series of artificial long-wool furs with a pile height of 7 cm. For the muzzle, ears, palms and feet, plush with a pile length of 4 mm was chosen. Though the muzzle itself is created in the technique of dry felting of wool, but so that it does not stand out in color from the general ensemble, it is covered with plush. The filling is syntepuh. The eyes are plastic. Alf lives now in Kharkov and entertains his family every day. And we are seriously thinking of putting such a shaggy charmer in our workshop, it's really more fun with him!

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