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Plush cat pusheen

Soft cat toy

The cutest character from the social network came off the screen thanks to the spontaneous idea of a young man and our hard work. Always, when you look at such characters, it seems that there is nothing to do there! Just a bag-shaped kitty with a minimum of decoration and not complicated detailing. But in fact, all the most simple and primitive figures - extremely difficult to work. To bring out plausible clear forms of the kitty we had to spend a week of working time, to create, destroy and re-create 4 models, and only the 5th one turned out to be a full-fledged prototype of the toy, which, as a result, and was approved by the customer. The toy itself is made of the most pleasant, in tactile terms, microplush of two tones - light gray and dark gray. When working with the material we discovered its amazing feature - this microplush has a memory, it captures every touch to itself and Pushin has to be often ironed to make him look neat. Without expecting it, we have endowed the toy with the character of a real fluffy pet, to whom you should definitely give your attention! As for constructive decisions, the center of gravity of the toy is deliberately shifted, as a result of which Kotik is deflected backwards, as it was drawn on the sticker, which served us as a sketch. However, this unusual position and specific design do not prevent Pushin from maintaining a stable position on his own, without any additional supports. Nowadays this smiling cat gives his positivity to beautiful people! And we are already in anticipation of sewing him in new and new hypostases, poses and images!

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