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Plush traffic cone

soft traffic cone

Sometimes life runs so fast that there comes a desire to press the pause and organize an island of calm, to separate your personal space from the big world. But we, people, are not given this ability, and that is why it is useful to have a soft warning "beacon" at hand, for example, in the form of a special sign. This is not just a traffic cone! It is a real stopper for unwanted contacts. Put the cone on the desk of the office or on the threshold of a private room - and people around you know that it is better not to approach now!))) And also such a product is a great gift for a motorist. It can serve as an original soft pillow-headrest or a non-banal decoration of the salon-car. The cone itself is hollow, but it holds its shape perfectly, although it is soft. It is not afraid of crumpling and active use. It is created in life-size from neon-orange microplush with an inset strip of the same material, but white in color. Repetitions of this design and variations on the theme of realization of other variety of similar cones are possible. Please contact us!


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