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Author's textile products, soft toys, to order!

Pink shiny bear toy

Lime shiny bear toy

Gold shiny bear toy

Silver shiny bear

Блестящие мягкие игрушки

Unique author's toys are designed and created by us to make their owner always stand out in the crowd - whether travelling with a toy instead of a companion or a noisy house party. Such shining bears will always attract the attention of others and will be long etched in their memory. And you will simply get tired of a flurry of compliments and enthusiastic looks, from questions where you can buy such beauty)). In addition, exclusive Shiny Bears by Art-berloga will be a great gift for any holiday and a person of any age! And one more important point - our toys are produced only under the order, so you can modify them (reduce, enlarge, give a different shape) or apply a logo at the request of the customer. To order - use our contact phone numbers or feedback form!

Author's handmade soft toy Super bunny, branded maxot workshop Art-berloga.

Toy Call Me

One of the very first handmade flirt toys Bear call. Plush recognition a wonderful gift with meaning for the most beloved. Since those long ago, the collection of flirt bears has changed, there are representatives of different professions, nationalities and temperament. Soft toys with a message to order.

This plush businessman is an experienced businessman in trade. Will be a great gift for people with an entrepreneurial spirit and oriental roots. Flirt toys can be very diverse. Plush Compliments to order.

Teddy Bear girl

A flirtatious bear in a yellow robe with her proudly independent appearance, as if hinting - "Stay away!". Such will steal your heart without remorse and say that it was! Catch him in his skillfully arranged nets and will not let go more. She'll charm him, enchant him, bewitch him. There are so many trophies in her pockets!))))) Do you notice? And her main weapon - flirting! Watch out!)))


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