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Signature flirting toys are a unique development of the Art-berloga Soft Relationships Bureau, which we never cease to improve. These toys are usually bears and bunnies, but you can make any plush fantasy come true) These are our universal “soldiers” who endear everyone. They can be given to loved ones, like a plush kiss. Each has its own individual design, is made in a single copy, is a plush recognition card and carries its own specific emotional message. Plush declarations of love and more, with their help you can tell a dear person absolutely everything that gets stuck in your throat at crucial moments. You just need to pre-order the necessary inscription on the toy. No pattern is repeated twice. Flirting toys are also a universal and very convenient offer for companies that don’t have their own corporate mascot but want to treat their employees with interesting goodies. The models we have developed can be branded, being decorated with your logo on the toy or accessory itself. The end result is a truly unique plush gift. Contact us, and we will be happy to continue experiments in the field of flirting toys, taking  all your wishes into account! Toy height: 20-25 cm. They can be sewn as per your specific wishes. Material: knitted fabric, high quality plush, microplush. Filling: synthetic fluff/holofiber. Accessories: plastic/wooden spouts - buttons/barrels, beads - artificial pearls. Each toy is hypoallergenic and allows air to pass freely, and is approved for play by children over 5 years old.



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