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Mention in the children's magazine "In the world of childhood and miracles" (May-June 2016), a children's art exhibition dedicated to the tales of russian poet  Aleksandr Pushkin, held in the eponymous Museum (Ukraine, Kiev).

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The International Festival "Spiritual Sources" was held in Kiev. Creative children's musical potential was held with great success. And not only musical, the participant of the festival young artist Masha Makeenko presented her work to the guest of the festival Archpriest Pavel, representative of the Kyiv Patriarchate. She herself was honored with a diploma and a gift from Art-berloga!


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Educational and informative exhibition Life of Colours by Art-Aqurius and Art-berloga.

Soft Relations Bureau "Art-berloga" is holding a joint exhibition-vernissage with the travelling studio "Art-Aquarius" in the art gallery "Pecherskaya". This event will be of closed type.

Voytek bear

On the eve of the great holiday of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, our whole team was interested in the question of whether animals, bears in particular, were participants in the war... The Internet was not rich in such facts, but still we managed to collect something interesting!

As it turned out, in the difficult time of the Second World War, animals became indispensable helpers of man. They fought with the enemy on a par with people and on a par with people they were officially awarded with a special prize - the Maria Deakin Medal - which is equal to the highest military award in England - the Victoria Cross. Back then, dogs, horses, mules, elephants, pigeons, bears, dolphins, monkeys, cats and even fireflies (according to The Daily Telegraph) fought. They saved lives and became exemplary examples of courage. However, animals were not only awarded for their participation in World War II or World War II, but they continue to be honoured for their heroism and courage. For example, medals were awarded to three rescue dogs who searched for people in the ruins of the World Trade Centre in New York.
In November 2004 in London, Princess Anne unveiled a monument to all animals who fought alongside humans. The monument bears the image and medals of Mary Deakin. There are practically no similar monuments in the post-Soviet space and in our country, except for the Monument to the dogs who died in the war in the village of Legedzino near Uman, which was erected not so long ago - in 2003.
One can tell a lot about the exploits of dogs, pigeons and horses. Dogs were sanitarians, bombers, communicators, sledders and sappers. Birds (mainly pigeons) served as postmen, which provided invaluable help in the absence of communications. Dolphins - patrolmen, guarded the borders of the USSR under water, searching for enemy spy submarines trying to get close to the shore unnoticed. Also dolphins were used very successfully against foreign saboteurs - aqualungists. The horse remained the main draught force throughout the war, and cows were real breadwinners.
But the bear is not a tame animal at all. But there is a case when the bear became a helper to man during the war. And the Polish Anders Army found a bear cub in Iran. They took him on their payroll and named him Wojtek. The soldiers loved the bear very much, as the bear cub was the only comfort in the harsh war times. And by special order Voytek was enlisted in the 22nd artillery supply company. After growing up and getting stronger, the bear travelled with the army to Italy. There he distinguished himself in the battle of Monte Cassino, helping to unload ammunition and bringing shells to the guns. The image of this process became the new emblem of the 22nd Company.
Today, veterans of World War II willingly recall not only the people of that period, but also the animals that helped them, which in itself testifies to the importance of the contribution of four-legged friends in wartime life. And today we thank from the bottom of our hearts not only veterans of the Great Patriotic War and World War II, but also all the animals who stood up in defence of man! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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women holiday

We all celebrate International Women's Day on 8 March every year, but few people know the whole history of this holiday. It turns out that there were no special reasons for celebrating 8 March. The roots of this holiday reach 1857, when in early spring in New York in Manhattan held a "march of empty pots". This is how American textile workers fought for their rights, demanding higher wages, better working conditions, reduction of the working day from 16 hours to 10 and equal rights for women. The women's demonstration was hastily dispersed, but it made enough noise to go down in history as "Women's Day". A similar situation was repeated in 1908 on the last Sunday in February. Thousands of women again flooded the streets of New York City, demanding the vote, better working conditions and the prohibition of child labour. The demonstration was broken up by the police, who used hoses with dirty ice water against the peaceful women.
Women's Day marches and strikes continued in 1909. In 1910, similar demonstrations took place all over the country. The activists then attended the Second International Conference of Socialist Women in Copenhagen, where they met Clara Zetkin. Admiring the actions of her "American sisters in socialism," Clara Zetkin proposed that the conference select a specific day for all women to call public attention to their demands. The proposal was supported by roll call vote. The result was the International Day of Solidarity of Women in the Struggle for Economic, Social and Political Equality. But the exact date of the celebration was never determined.
The first International Women's Day was held on 19 March 1911 in Germany, Austria, Denmark and other European countries. And only since 1914, the holiday began to be permanently celebrated on 8 March. What was the reason for this - it is not known.

In our country, since the first years of Soviet power, International Women's Day on 8 March became a public holiday. And in 1965, it was also made a red day of the calendar, i.e. a day off. And only in 1977 the holiday became a truly international holiday, when the United Nations adopted resolution 32/142, calling on all countries to proclaim 8 March as International Women's Day. It is noteworthy that until 1918 - when the new Gregorian calendar was introduced on the territory of the former Russian Empire - "the day of struggle for women's rights" was celebrated on 23 February - a day that today is associated as a men's holiday. ))) After the collapse of the Soviet Union, 8 March remained on the list of public holidays in the CIS countries: in the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Belarus as International Women's Day; in Armenia it is celebrated on 7 April as Motherhood and Beauty Day; in Uzbekistan as Mother's Day.

8 March is also a national holiday in Angola, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, China, Congo (where it is a holiday for Congolese women rather than "international" women), Laos, Macedonia, Mongolia, Nepal, North Korea and Uganda.
In Syria, 8 March is celebrated as Revolution Day, and in Liberia - as the Day of Remembrance of the Fallen.
Dear and sweet women! Regardless of where you are and how you celebrate International Women's Day (or don't celebrate it at all), the creative team of Art-berloga Soft Relations Bureau sincerely congratulates you with one more reason to remember yourself as a woman, with the opportunity to proudly declare - I am a woman! And let every day of the year be filled with love, tenderness and softness, just like the 8th of March! Thank you for being you!

14 february

Is there any holiday more romantic than Valentine's Day - the day of all lovers and lovers in love? Probably not, if it has been celebrated since time immemorial and practically all over the world. No one can say exactly where, how and when Valentine's Day was first celebrated, but nevertheless this holiday is very revered. Over the centuries, it has grown myths, legends, and traditions that are individual to each region.


For example, the French and Italians celebrate 14 February traditionally by presenting their lovers with jewellery and sweets. But in Germany, Valentine's Day is the holiday of the mentally ill. You may ask: why such a contrast? All because the ancient legend about the origin of this holiday ends with the words: "Love is blind and madness leads it by the hand". That is why rational Germans, having interpreted the ancient legend in their own spirit, decorate all mental hospitals with scarlet ribbons on this day. And in churches services are held for the mental and moral health of Germans. After all, in Germany St Valentine is considered the patron saint not of lovers, but of the mentally ill. The English have also been familiar with this holiday for quite a long time and it reminds them of our Christmas morning with carols. Children walk along the streets singing songs, go into houses, congratulate the owners, hoping to get a reward for a kind word. It is also customary for the English to give an apple in return for a declaration of love. It symbolises love and beauty. And in the old days, the people of Wales gave each other wooden spoons. They were usually decorated with all sorts of hearts, carved on the spoons keyholes or hung to them tiny locks. This meant that the key to the heart was found.


Despite the fact that the holiday of all lovers is quite ancient and is celebrated all over Europe, Japan and the USA, it has only recently taken root in our country. But for all the romantic charm that hangs in the air on 14 February, Valentine's Day has come to the liking of almost every Ukrainian. Unfortunately, we have not yet developed a strong tradition of celebrating Valentine's Day and many people from year to year wonder how to spend this holiday, what to please and how to surprise their loved ones. These days the most common queries in the search engine "Yandex" are: "how to make Valentine's Day with your own hands?", "contests on Valentine's Day", "poems for Valentine's Day", "pictures for Valentine's Day", "what status can be put on Valentine's Day?", "what is Valentine's Day?". And what should be done?", Valentine's Day how to celebrate in kindergarten?", in "what clothes is better to meet 14 February?". But the most common and important question is what to give as a gift? Many online resources and printed publications on the eve of the holiday, not skimping, give out advice on how, where and what gifts should be purchased to surprise and delight your loved one. We have compiled our objective list of the most affordable and effective Valentine's Day gifts. So, first of all it is:


A romantic dinner. This is a classic and win-win option. Your soul mate will appreciate this gift and your efforts, especially if you show ingenuity and your own hand "wizardry" over a festive dish.

Sweets. Of course, such a gift will be to the taste of all sweet-toothed, sensual and romantic natures. Such are found not only among women, but also among the stronger sex.

Flowers. No less, a classic variant of a gift. It is good that such a gift is suitable for the beloved, and for colleagues at work, just familiar girls. In America, for example, on Valentine's Day sold about 189 million roses! So bravely take an example!

Valentine's card. Can be a very unusual and intriguing gift if you send it anonymously. Statistics show that after the holiday of all lovers private investigators have much more work. Because the most curious recipients of anonymous valentines are ready for anything, just to establish the identity of this mysterious admirer.

A soft toy. Of course, the gift of a tiresome and not taken seriously. But if you give your favourite person a "talking" flirt toy, you can be sure that it will become invaluable for him.

We are sincerely glad that our handmade products help to connect hearts, both on holidays and in everyday life. Let your every day be filled with love, tenderness and kindness, as well as softness of relationships with the help of the Bureau of soft relationships Art-berloga. Happy Holidays, dear friends!

27 October Teddy Bear Day
In Scandinavian countries, the USA and Great Britain, Teddy Bear Day is celebrated on 27 October. And in Russia this day is celebrated on the 19th of November. Teddy Bear toys already have a whole history, traditions, directions and of course a legend: It all started with a not quite successful bear hunt of the then President Theodore Roosevelt. Probably to please the president, the huntsmen caught a bear cub and tied it to a tree. Roosevelt refused to shoot the unfortunate animal and, according to legend, ordered it to be released into the wild immediately. Journalists accompanying President Roosevelt told the story to cartoonist Clifford Barryman, who created a cartoon on the subject entitled "Drawing the Boundary in Mississippi", which depicted US President Theodore Roosevelt and a cute little bear cub during the historic hunt. The Washington Post, the newspaper in which the cartoon was printed, was a popular publication with a huge circulation, and the cartoon was reprinted in other publications and seen by many people. This included Morris Michtom, a Russian immigrant who owned a candle shop in Brooklyn. He suggested that his wife sew a small stuffed toy. Michtom then wrote President Roosevelt a letter requesting permission to name the teddy bear after him. According to eyewitnesses, Roosevelt was surprised by this very unusual request, but still gave a favourable answer.

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In those days, Roosevelt was simply called Teddy, and so was the teddy bear. The Teddy bear was labelled "Teddy`s bear" in a shop window. To the surprise of Michtom and his wife, the teddy bears became a favourite, they were instantly swept off the shelves, and soon orders for their manufacture began to come in.

teddy bear original

In 1903 Morris organised the Ideal Novelty and Toy Co, a toy company that still thrives today. But, alas, it did not make its first owner rich, as he did not patent either the name or the toy. And demand, as you know, gives birth to supply, and other companies began to produce exactly the same bears.

Handmade masters, needlewomen!
We are always glad to accept creative handmade women, designers, artists, just creative people who can boast of author's developments and high quality of their work; who can work in a team and for the result. Out-of-the-box thinking, activity, non-conflict, artistic taste and art education (preferably) are welcome.
This content is intended for an audience from Ukraine!

LARGE-SCALE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF CREATIVE CHILDREN "PARADISE HOLIDAY"! From 21 to 27 June we invite creative children, teens and their parents to spend this summer on a grand scale international meeting of "PARADISE HOLIDAY"! At this time a sensational festival, which annually unite talented children in Greece, will take place in a friendly, fun and warm Odessa region, in the hotel "Black Sea" Bugaz 5*! Throughout the week: program recording of music channel Music Box (interviews with participants, reporting), model and vocal contest, thematic parties, gala-concert and a lot of star guests! Art-Berloga is the softest sponsor and prepares teddy surprise for beautiful kiddies!

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