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14 February - Valentine's Day.

14 february

Is there any holiday more romantic than Valentine's Day - the day of all lovers and lovers in love? Probably not, if it has been celebrated since time immemorial and practically all over the world. No one can say exactly where, how and when Valentine's Day was first celebrated, but nevertheless this holiday is very revered. Over the centuries, it has grown myths, legends, and traditions that are individual to each region.


For example, the French and Italians celebrate 14 February traditionally by presenting their lovers with jewellery and sweets. But in Germany, Valentine's Day is the holiday of the mentally ill. You may ask: why such a contrast? All because the ancient legend about the origin of this holiday ends with the words: "Love is blind and madness leads it by the hand". That is why rational Germans, having interpreted the ancient legend in their own spirit, decorate all mental hospitals with scarlet ribbons on this day. And in churches services are held for the mental and moral health of Germans. After all, in Germany St Valentine is considered the patron saint not of lovers, but of the mentally ill. The English have also been familiar with this holiday for quite a long time and it reminds them of our Christmas morning with carols. Children walk along the streets singing songs, go into houses, congratulate the owners, hoping to get a reward for a kind word. It is also customary for the English to give an apple in return for a declaration of love. It symbolises love and beauty. And in the old days, the people of Wales gave each other wooden spoons. They were usually decorated with all sorts of hearts, carved on the spoons keyholes or hung to them tiny locks. This meant that the key to the heart was found.


Despite the fact that the holiday of all lovers is quite ancient and is celebrated all over Europe, Japan and the USA, it has only recently taken root in our country. But for all the romantic charm that hangs in the air on 14 February, Valentine's Day has come to the liking of almost every Ukrainian. Unfortunately, we have not yet developed a strong tradition of celebrating Valentine's Day and many people from year to year wonder how to spend this holiday, what to please and how to surprise their loved ones. These days the most common queries in the search engine "Yandex" are: "how to make Valentine's Day with your own hands?", "contests on Valentine's Day", "poems for Valentine's Day", "pictures for Valentine's Day", "what status can be put on Valentine's Day?", "what is Valentine's Day?". And what should be done?", Valentine's Day how to celebrate in kindergarten?", in "what clothes is better to meet 14 February?". But the most common and important question is what to give as a gift? Many online resources and printed publications on the eve of the holiday, not skimping, give out advice on how, where and what gifts should be purchased to surprise and delight your loved one. We have compiled our objective list of the most affordable and effective Valentine's Day gifts. So, first of all it is:


A romantic dinner. This is a classic and win-win option. Your soul mate will appreciate this gift and your efforts, especially if you show ingenuity and your own hand "wizardry" over a festive dish.

Sweets. Of course, such a gift will be to the taste of all sweet-toothed, sensual and romantic natures. Such are found not only among women, but also among the stronger sex.

Flowers. No less, a classic variant of a gift. It is good that such a gift is suitable for the beloved, and for colleagues at work, just familiar girls. In America, for example, on Valentine's Day sold about 189 million roses! So bravely take an example!

Valentine's card. Can be a very unusual and intriguing gift if you send it anonymously. Statistics show that after the holiday of all lovers private investigators have much more work. Because the most curious recipients of anonymous valentines are ready for anything, just to establish the identity of this mysterious admirer.

A soft toy. Of course, the gift of a tiresome and not taken seriously. But if you give your favourite person a "talking" flirt toy, you can be sure that it will become invaluable for him.

We are sincerely glad that our handmade products help to connect hearts, both on holidays and in everyday life. Let your every day be filled with love, tenderness and kindness, as well as softness of relationships with the help of the Bureau of soft relationships Art-berloga. Happy Holidays, dear friends!

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