Designing toy sewing

сhicken soft toy

Chick is the plush dream of modern kids. Everyone is looking for the chick from the popular commercial and longing to get him, and we created him! Our plush chicken turned out to be very soft, squeezable and adorable. 45 centimeters tall, 300 grams of pure weight and an untold amount of childlike joy! Any plush fantasy is possible for us.

Plush bee with logo

Corporate soft symbol for HR Wisdom Summit. Many of our clients have long noticed that the masters of Art-berloga Soft Relation Bureau have a secret knowledge of producing incredibly appealing corporate toys. This is confirmed by three corporate branded bees of our production, which, having gracefully fluttered into the customer's office, stopped the work and preparation for the upcoming event for 2 hours! Adult, serious people in suits looked at the bees, circled around the office with them, took selfies and got a positive charge. The same situation was repeated at the event. The guests of HR Wisdom Summit did not let the bees off their hands, hugged and took selfies with them, studied their functionality. Each of the bees has movable frame wings and 6 movable limbs, which give the toy an opportunity to change poses and position in space. And incredibly soft plush of their fur gives unforgettable tactile sensations. That's what quality from Art-berloga means! Your corporate symbol in our performance will defuse any situation and will be remembered by everyone! Contact us! We will breathe life into your corporate hero.

Plush olympic bear

A personalized toy based on the model of the Olympic bear. Sometimes people want something special... a little exotic retro with a refreshing touch of the XX1st century or something... And that's when we come to the rescue! This time we fantasized about the symbol of the Olympics in the 80s. The bear turned out to be original and original, and most importantly - new, not like other characters. The height of the toy is 45 cm. The skin is classic brown, the filler is hypoallergenic chollofiber, in the paws - glass granulate. The teddy bear was created by individual order of a loving dad in honor of the birthday of a growing child.

Plush hippo with logo

During 7 years of work we have noticed an interesting trend - every self-respecting brand strives to make a hippo a corporate hero. And thanks to them we have become real hippo pros) Big and small, realistic and cartoon, with and without logo, made of leather and plush. And our clients - IPOPO brand - distinguished themselves with their megapositive, colorful, cheerful, pudgy hippo, which was a real pleasure for us to create, despite the burden of responsibility for the portrait resemblance to the prototype. And also at the request of IPOPO, we created a hippo in the form of a puppet-mittens, with the ability to control not only the hands, but also the mouth of the toy, imitating speech. Now the smallest and most important customers of the brand can always enjoy communication with their favorite IPOPO.

Golden teddy bear

Take care of your stuffed friends! And if you suddenly lost them - contact us. After all, you can always restore your favorite plushie by photo. This Myshka was very loved, but one day he did not return from a walk. And so that his little owner did not get bored, we created a new similar teddy made of high-quality German mohair on a cotton basis by Helmbold, with weighting glass granulate in the paws. The restoration process was long, thorny and challenging. But we managed. Bear went to his new home and returned the carefree glow to the eyes of a very charming boy. Art-berloga - we create happiness!

white plush bunny

Flirt toys are a unique development of Art-berloga Soft Relationship Bureau. They help people to express emotions and secret passions. After all, not everything can be said in words. And our toys are covered with blush, but still will say and convey to a person everything that the giver could not say. Like this Bunny was created specifically to express the love of the entire staff of the pharmaceutical company to its head and successfully coped with its mission! Love, adore, confess, talk about your feelings! Immortalize them in our toys. Write us your confessions, and we will formalize your words in a beautiful bunny or bear and send it to your dear person! Art-berloga - we create happiness!

Plush Bob the builder

Bob the Builder will build anything! And Bob was "built" by us. One of our most adorable boy toys is made of microplush and cotton with the "patchwork" technique. Bob's height is 40 cm. The pants and belt are removable, the keys on the belt are also functional. During his creation Bob was loved by our whole team. And we know for sure that with our new toy Bob the Builder, there is one more happy child in the world! Art-berloga - we create happiness!

three teddy bears

Once again we, as wizards, created toys according to the whim of a little princess. Her favorite characters are Cuckoo bears from the cartoon "Umizoomi team". They are bright, attractive and megapositive characters, you fall in love with them at first sight. But from the technological point of view these bears turned out to be tough nuts. We had to assemble their plaid-striped outfits from patchwork using the "PATCHWORK" technique. Exclusive headdresses were also created especially for the stylish cuku-bears, which successfully completed their image. The height of the bears is 28, 30, 32 cm. They are created from certified fake fur, natural cotton and felt, filled with hypoallergenic syntepuh and will serve their owner for a long time.

Review: "Thank you for making dreams come true and give so much joy!!!! You are just magicians!"

fighting roosters toys

Everyone knows how passionate the people of Malaysia are about violent cockfighting, or otherwise known as "Sabong". It is out of love for these birds that our Filipino client decided to immortalize their images in a soft toy and 3 plush roosters of White hatch art lopez, Granjas de gallos and Hatch grey breed. The exclusive soft birds were created exclusively from artificial materials. Not a single live bird was harmed. Now three proud plush copies of roosters will live in Maynila (Philippines). ART-berloga handmade studio is always happy to help you realize your bold plush fantasies.

Tangy Bodangy toy

Tangy is a computer game character, a dragon athlete, skateboarder and bodybuilder. A real hero in the eyes of modern boys! No wonder he became a welcome gift for St. Nicholas Day. We have created an exclusive soft toy Tangy in the size of 40 cm, "molded" from fabric every muscle, dressed in shorts and protective helmet and sent to St. Nicholas. Through his efforts, Tangy now lives in Cherkassy (Ukraine) with a little boy and helps him play sports.


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