Designing toy sewing

Soft toy with logo and mitten toy

Plush hippo with logo

During 7 years of work we have noticed an interesting trend - every self-respecting brand strives to make a hippo a corporate hero. And thanks to them we have become real hippo pros) Big and small, realistic and cartoon, with and without logo, made of leather and plush. And our clients - IPOPO brand - distinguished themselves with their megapositive, colorful, cheerful, pudgy hippo, which was a real pleasure for us to create, despite the burden of responsibility for the portrait resemblance to the prototype. And also at the request of IPOPO, we created a hippo in the form of a puppet-mittens, with the ability to control not only the hands, but also the mouth of the toy, imitating speech. Now the smallest and most important customers of the brand can always enjoy communication with their favorite IPOPO.

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