Designing toy sewing

plush pregnant pig

Are there any parents in the world who have not yet learned all the characters of the cartoon "Peppa Pig" by heart? Are there any children in the world who would not like to receive a plush Peppa or George or any of her friends as a gift? And our little customer wished for a gift of a pregnant Mama Piggy with a little piglet in her tummy. Thanks to a specially designed construction, the piggy can be taken out and put back in the tummy. Mama Piggy's height is 40 cm, little George's height is 15 cm. The toys are made of microplush, filling - syntepuh. But the most important thing is that this couple has not only content, but also brings indescribable happiness to the owner.

Plush toy Yak

The more we work in the field of sewing exclusive toys, the harder we get to order. A fuchsia-colored fluffy Yak. Can you think of a more extravagant character? We dyed the Yak's long fur millimeter by millimeter by hand using the technology we invented, turning the fur from snow-white to bright fuchsia. We mastered shoemaking, got creative in creating Yak's outstanding profile, and learned how to bind books. And all so that the kind and cheerful Yak Yakaboo Yak settled in the children's store and entertained little customers.

Custom toy Lunya

Having accepted the order for Lunya, a character from the cartoon "Luntik", we reviewed the cartoon and all existing images of the moon. After all, everything we undertake must be done perfectly! In this case, it turned out so. It is impossible to describe the joy of the little owner of Lunya in words! Lunya is made of soft plush, eco-suede, dress - linen 100%, filling - artificial "swan down". Lunya's height is 30 cm, she is compact and very convenient for joint travels, games and entertainment.

Custom plush logo

Plush logo of the Belarusian company is not the first time, but now with big differences. This logo is made on a soft and flexible frame. The size of the logo is 35 cm. Plush, felt, eco-leather, foam rubber were used to create the logo.

Plush panda decorative rug

Soft and incredibly fluffy mat is made in the form of a panda skin and serves not only as a decorative element, but also as a perfect floor covering for babies. The purpose of the mat is to play, sit, lie down and read stories on the floor of the children's room. The voluminous head of the panda is filled with hypoallergenic syntepuh and serves as an additional pouf or pillow for the child. The claws are made of eco-leather to avoid traumatizing children. This copy has found a home in one of the cozy children's rooms in Kharkov. Possible replica of this mat or manufacture of similar variations by individual order.

Custom kitty toy

Sometimes love for the pet is expressed by such plush "sculptures", which maximally reflect the appearance of the pet. The size of the toy is 30 cm, the pattern of fur is repeated with maximum accuracy. The toy was created based on the photo of a live cat with emphasis on the verbal description of the client.

Cloning plush toy lambs

The incredible story of a lamb finding his own family. An imposing lamb in the prime of life, but in a state of utter despondency, came to Art Berloga to improve his health. After plush-surgical manipulations he got a new coat. And during the rehabilitation period he met his family with us: cute Barasha and 5 children) Now the friendly family moved to our hero and bathes in the love of the owners.

Custom toy fox

The bright orange Foxy is made of linen on a frame base. His height is 30 cm. He is stable and does not require additional supports. The arms and legs are flexible and can be adjusted to any position. It is designed in full compliance with the sketches and wishes of the corporate client.

Custom robot Baymax

The author's portrayal of Baymax Superhero was a great success. He turned out to be chubby and titillating. Despite the color inversion, corresponding to the customer's request, the character has not lost its recognizability. The size of the toy is 30 cm in a sitting position. Baymax is made of dense cottons and eco-leather, filler - hypoallergenic syntepuh.

Plush toy platypus

Platypus is made by order of the Australian company and at this time it is located in Bankstown, Australia. The height of the toy is 30 cm. Platypus is made of artificial fur and velour according to the customer's sketch. On the legs and on the tail there is a corporate symbolism. But the most painstaking work was done on the eyes of Platypus. In order to realize the customer's idea, we had to develop a new technology of hardware creation, experiment a lot and achieve perfection in our developments. Exclusive handmade corporate toys from Art-berloga.


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