Designing toy sewing

Soft toy spaceship

What to do if you want a collectible toy from a limited series, which you can't find in free sale? Yes, so much wanted that it does not go completely out of your head! Sound familiar? Then there are not many options! You can dig through terabytes of information in a hopeless search..... You can despair and resign yourself to it... And you can turn to Art-berloga and order sewing of the desired product, setting the necessary parameters, dimensions and make any modifications to the product to your own taste. Actually, this is what our customers did. Star Craft Void Probe Plush is sewed by us in a single copy with small differences from the collectible models. In addition to the fact that StarCraft Void Probe Plush itself is not easy in terms of design, we were somewhat puzzled by the customer's desire to get a toy with glow-in-the-dark elements. To say that the whole Ukrainian market was promoted for the presence of light-accumulating fabrics - nothing to say! But there were no suitable options, to order from abroad and wait for the fabric to arrive - also not a solution, because the toy had to be made and presented in a clearly agreed time. And we found the only true solution - hand-coloring of fabric with the addition of a special luminous pigment. This feature of the toy allows it to act as a night lamp for children's bedroom and makes the yellow starship a reliable protector of children's dreams! That is why we confidently and boldly declare - you are in safe hands! After all, we are ready not only to sew toys, but also to jump "above your head!", to non-standard tasks and creative solutions!

custom red bunny

When a child passionately wants to get a red bunny for the New Year under the tree - his dream must be fulfilled without asking why red and without explaining that such a color of skin is completely unnatural for these animals. And when the goal is so clearly formed - the work goes easily, unhindered. This bunny is made of certified artificial fur, and as a filler used hypoallergenic syntepuh, which perfectly holds its shape even after several washings, almost does not accumulate dust and, most importantly - is a hostile environment for dust mites. The nose of the toy is made of microplush and firmly sewn into the face, so minimize the risk for children who like to tear off small parts of the hardware and quietly taste them. In general, we approached the order thoughtfully and tried to create not only a beautiful, but also the most ergonomic product, safe for the youngest consumer.

Plush Raccoon custom

A cute charming raccoon is not just a soft toy made to order. It is a corporate symbol with the company logo - a 50 cm high Mascot. He has become a corporate favorite. Thanks to the materials from which he is made, it is pleasant to take him in your hands, hug and squeeze. The toy is sewn from soft plush, quality materials are used in its manufacture. As a result of painstaking work, the baby was born, which will lift the mood of employees and guests of the company. A soft toy made to order will always be exclusive. Such a toy will be only for you. Our masters can develop and realize any of your bold ideas. Corporate toys come in different sizes from small, pocket-sized to huge. Small-sized toys will be a nice gift for customers and partners of the company. Huge toys can represent it at various events.

Digitterra elephant toy

This time our masters faced a truly challenging task! According to the client's idea, we had to transform a completely flat image in origami style into a three-dimensional and full-fledged soft toy. In addition, such transformations anticipate the development of more than one prototype to perfectly realize this mascot. But, as our chief technologist says - if you do it, don't be afraid, and if you are afraid - don't do it! And so, armed first with a ruler, glue and paper, we started to realize this project. A life-size model of the toy was developed, corrections were made in the necessary areas, and then, out of more than fifty small parts, one elephant in the colors of the corporate symbol was born. Followed by another, but in a more restrained color scheme. Both soft toys are sewn on the same templates, but thanks to the selection of fabric colors and the location of the logo, they look completely different. Such corporate toys, made to order, will favorably emphasize and strengthen the image of the company!

Humpty Dumpty soft toy

Most of us had a favorite stuffed friend when we were kids. And many of us still have those first soft toys to this day. It is pleasant to take them in your hands, to hug them, to immerse yourself in warm memories. Some carefully keep and do not give them to anyone, others pass the plush favorite to their children. But what to do if the only thing left of the rarity is a photo? We have a solution! Do not hesitate to go with this photo to our masters! This is exactly what happened with this sweetest character! All that the client could provide - a few photos and very approximate dimensions of Humpty, on which we had to recreate a vintage toy. And the whole difficulty is that the original is lost, it can not be touched, examined, assess the quality of the material and measure the proportions. In such cases, we have to rely only on our experience-honed eye, fantasy and imagination. Our team, it is always a fundamental approach, so we coped with this task without any hiccups. In the process of work were not only the most accurately selected materials, but also put tremendous effort to exactly replicate all the nuances and features of the toy "from childhood"! And we firmly believe that the new soft toy will please more than one generation of our client's family! If the photos of your favorite toys from the distant childhood also cause you a desire to restore the lost friend - welcome! We are always ready to show all our talents in the name of our customers' souls warmed with joy!


Plush toy Buba

Does your child have a favorite cartoon? Have you ever wanted to "invite" a funny cartoon character to visit your child at home? After all, with such a home soft favorite it is more fun to eat porridge, learn new words, and just to organize interesting games and entertainment. As always, we had a very interesting and responsible task to create Buba the Houseboy. A loving father wanted to make a gift to his son for his birthday and decided, with our help, to invite to his house for permanent residence of his favorite character, which the kid saw every day on the screen. And without false modesty I will say - it is very right that this mission was entrusted to us, because we prepare for the work thoroughly! Almost a day were postponed all the pressing business of the team and, during this time, reviewed almost all the series of the cartoon, as well as thoroughly studied the character of the character. And only after that we confidently and expertly began the practical part of the work. Since the soft toy was created for a small child, it was important not only to accurately convey the appearance and charisma of the character, but also to use absolutely safe materials for its manufacture. We coped with these tasks perfectly. But that's not all! After all, Buba couldn't come to his birthday party without a present! In his hands we put a soft balloon in the form of a heart with a name inscription.  According to the enthusiastic feedback from the client after presenting the gift to the birthday boy, we realized that the appearance of the favorite cartoon character at the party caused the kid a real delight. Contact us if your birthday boy needs a burst of positive emotions, and the holiday needs a furor. We will make the dream come true! 

Plush toy Ted

Art-berloga soft toys connect not only people and their hearts, but also countries! Don't believe me? Here, as proof, we received an order from Israel. This is a real romantic story. A young man in love, being in another country, wanted to make a pleasant surprise to his Ukrainian girlfriend. Only, in contrast to the sensational movie, our bear Ted is not the third extra and not even a spare))). In fact, he is an exclusive handmade gift, recreated as accurately as possible in visual terms and with an incredibly faithful transfer of the character and charisma of the movie hero. In the process of work we have selected materials that very accurately convey the texture of fur, which is always a difficult task. After all, the computer graphics, with the help of which the bear cub's skin was made, and the range of fabrics offered by modern stores are very different. But how could Ted do without his famous gray suit? This could not be allowed! Our best plush couturiers worked on the teddy bear's closet. We took measurements from the finished toy, created a package of molds and a model of the product, purchased high-quality costume fabric. A few try-ons, adjustments and the bear cub received its elegant outfit. Everything in a mature way! That's how, thanks to the tireless hard work of a whole team of professionals, the very movie hero who came off the screen, who had to fulfill a very important mission: to make a dream come true, appeared in front of us. Remember - Art-berloga will gladly make your dreams come true! And even if you are far away from each other, it is no reason not to please your loved ones with exclusive gifts. We deliver orders to any corner of the world.

Soft toy fire

The fire - as it is meant to be by the very nature of fire - was created in a burning timeframe. In just 5 days we created 3 full-fledged fabric mock-ups of Ogonyok in order to bring out the best shape, as well as approved the design, selected materials and method of toning the toy.  Ogonek is made of bright, very pleasant to the touch microplush with a pile height of 1 mm. It is filled with hypoallergenic syntepuh. Tinting is made of water-resistant coloring pigment. The light turned out to be bright and eye-catching. Immediately from the workshop he went to the exhibition, to represent the company, the mascot of which is. And now, after the furor at the exhibition, he lives in the office and serves as an excellent anti-stress for the company's employees.

Soft toy calf

The appearance of this funny Calf from the new cartoon of Odessa animation studio was somewhat delayed compared to other toys. It took 21 days to create it. After all, according to the idea of cartoonists he has a rather large head and thin legs, which physically can not withstand the weight of the product without additional reinforcement of legs and torso wire frame. In the process of work we made more than one model of the product and conducted many experiments with the operation of the frame, which would hold the load well and would allow to keep the flexibility of the limbs. The result of our work pleased both the customer and our team. The calf went to glorious Odessa and became the star of the presentation of the animated movie.

dragon soft toy

We created the big-eyed Drakosha, based on the sketches of Odessa animators, with inspiration and determination. There are always enough difficulties in the toy business, but they are nothing compared to the pleasure of the final result. And the result turned out to be a glory. Drakosha's height is 50 cm, length - 65 cm. The toy is on a frame, which allows you to change the position of the head, tail, limbs, wings. And also the frame guarantees stability. Dragon is made of microplush and for more similarity to the prototype - tinted with special water-resistant pigment.


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