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Digitterra's plush mascots

Digitterra elephant toy

This time our masters faced a truly challenging task! According to the client's idea, we had to transform a completely flat image in origami style into a three-dimensional and full-fledged soft toy. In addition, such transformations anticipate the development of more than one prototype to perfectly realize this mascot. But, as our chief technologist says - if you do it, don't be afraid, and if you are afraid - don't do it! And so, armed first with a ruler, glue and paper, we started to realize this project. A life-size model of the toy was developed, corrections were made in the necessary areas, and then, out of more than fifty small parts, one elephant in the colors of the corporate symbol was born. Followed by another, but in a more restrained color scheme. Both soft toys are sewn on the same templates, but thanks to the selection of fabric colors and the location of the logo, they look completely different. Such corporate toys, made to order, will favorably emphasize and strengthen the image of the company!

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