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Plush Raccoon mascot Urich

Plush Raccoon custom

A cute charming raccoon is not just a soft toy made to order. It is a corporate symbol with the company logo - a 50 cm high Mascot. He has become a corporate favorite. Thanks to the materials from which he is made, it is pleasant to take him in your hands, hug and squeeze. The toy is sewn from soft plush, quality materials are used in its manufacture. As a result of painstaking work, the baby was born, which will lift the mood of employees and guests of the company. A soft toy made to order will always be exclusive. Such a toy will be only for you. Our masters can develop and realize any of your bold ideas. Corporate toys come in different sizes from small, pocket-sized to huge. Small-sized toys will be a nice gift for customers and partners of the company. Huge toys can represent it at various events.

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