Designing toy sewing

Orange Whale - Unicorn

How? You still haven't seen or suspected that Unicorns are not only horses? Then we're coming to you! Magic Whale - Unicorn will not only please you with its unusual appearance, but also bring good luck, as all unicorns do. Its special charm is that large enough size of the toy will allow you to use Kit as a decorative element of the interior, and as a cuddle pillow. The product is made of the most pleasant to the touch microplush, and the tummy is made of natural sheepskin. Hypoallergenic syntepuh is used as a filler.

soft toy Owl

Odd, but no less charming owl was created by the masters of Art-berloga in the technique of "felting", i.e. dry felting. The composition of the toy is 100% wool. Fittings, namely eyes, nose and beak are handmade of polymer clay and firmly integrated into the toy. The growth of the owl is 20 cm. The product is stable, it does not need additional supports.

surprise toy fox

The adorable miniature fox made us work hard on ourselves! First of all, because his small height of 15 cm made the work process difficult. And also the fox, despite the difficult size of manufacturing, has a combined "skeleton" created by a unique technology. This gives the toy the ability to move its head around its axis, its paws - too, and the frame along the entire length of the limbs provides them with additional flexibility and the ability to give the paws the necessary shape - bend, unfold, fix the position. The cup of coffee, which Foxy holds, has a secret pocket and special fasteners, which guarantees its more reliable fixation with the toy. And the little fox is also decorated with embroidered sprigs of sakura on request.

Android soft toy

Our version of the popular Android is made of high quality and tactilely pleasant microplush. The height of the miniature toy is 20 cm. Android is independently stable and does not require additional supports. Individual embodiment of handmade soft toys, to order.

Headcrab plush hat

Exclusive headdress HeadCrab, created on the motives of the famous computer game and is designed not so much to fulfill the main functionality of the hat, but to attract attention to the owner and amusement. This toy hat will fit perfectly into a noisy party or corporate event, will become the star of photo shoots and the highlight of the holiday. It will delight and amuse not only advanced gamers, but also people not familiar with this subject. And we will gladly create for you similar hats of any theme on the motives of your favorite games. Bureau of soft relations Art-berloga - development and sewing of the most daring plush solutions. Contact us!

Dresses for toys

A couple of bears decided to get wedding outfits in the shortest possible time - just two days. And we worked hard to create couture outfits to meet the deadline. It turned out that for real professionals-couturiers, a couple of days is quite enough to dress up a plush couple in suits of perfect cut and fit. The gentleman's outfit is made of the finest Italian wool and batiste, and the bride is all in lace. And we emphasized her femininity with fluffy eyelashes, which were initially absent and it was impossible to distinguish the bride and groom in any way. In the process of work we have developed several packages of patterns for each bear, sewed mock-ups of outfits, on them patterns were brought to perfection and only then sewed the originals. We are ready to show our professionalism again and again in the most incredible, complicated and "burning" orders like this one! Plush Atelier is open 24/7.

cloning bee toy

A plush cloning of a soft, meter-long bee. Bees are not only delicious honey, as we used to think! ) Sometimes it is also a couple of kilograms of plush happiness, which we had to repeat exactly the original for the insurance company "Aska-Zhyttya". In this case, the cloning of the toy was complicated by the impossibility to disassemble the toy into parts and remove the molds. But it did not affect the result in any way. After all, the Bureau of soft relations Art-berloga employs real virtuosos of needle and plush, who can do the most incredible tasks! The height of the clone corresponds to the original - 1 meter in a sitting position. The bee is recreated with maximum accuracy, which surprised and extremely pleased the company-customer. And to please and surprise our customers is the mission of our company.

Spider pig toy

This legendary piggy has behaved in no other way than piggish from the very beginning))) After all, we spent a little more effort on his appearance than we usually spend on a toy. But nevertheless - this handsome boy was worth it. You fall in love with him from the first touch - silky fur, softer than a baby's skin, and incredibly fluffy filler make the toy a real cloud. But the most attractive place of our Spider Pig is his nostrils. Tested on both kids and adults. Everyone definitely wants to study them tactilely and this procedure tightens cooler than any spinner. That's what the right approach to toy making means! Our Spider Pig is big enough, the length of his torso is 55 cm. Made of high quality microplush and velour, filler -hollofiber. 100% author's design and execution.

ladybug Gaston toy

Sometimes in the whirl of all the cartoon characters we create, you lose the sense of reality, you don't understand - you are already inside the cartoon and can afford the most fantastic antics or you are just on the threshold and need to conform to the image of a serious, judicious professional. This time we were immersed in childhood and carefree amazing bug ladybug named Gaston - a character from the cartoon "Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom". The work on his creation was easy and effortless. Charming Gaston is made of the most pleasant microplush, each black spot is sewn into a scarlet shell, which increases the quality of the product due to the lack of open cuts. Charming horns are felted from natural wool, and six thin legs serve as a reliable support for the toy, since they have a good strong frame. Now our Gaston will live in a big, cheerful, loving family and delight children with his presence not only on the screen.

unicorn plush toy

Magical rainbow unicorns are "born" only in the magical Bureau of soft relationships Art-berloga and go to live with the smallest, and therefore the most critical and demanding of our customers. The rainbow unicorn is not just a toy, but a mitten toy with movable, manipulated limbs and an opening mouth. This makes it possible to "animate" the unicorn and play out all kinds of theatrical actions. The height of the toy is 25 cm. Top material - plush, filling - hypoallergenic syntepuh, lining - cottons, mane - artificial hair. Unicorn decor was carefully and painstakingly worked out to the smallest detail in accordance with the sketch of the client. After all, the maximum similarity of the toy with the sketch is a priority for us.


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