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Soft toy ladybug Gaston

ladybug Gaston toy

Sometimes in the whirl of all the cartoon characters we create, you lose the sense of reality, you don't understand - you are already inside the cartoon and can afford the most fantastic antics or you are just on the threshold and need to conform to the image of a serious, judicious professional. This time we were immersed in childhood and carefree amazing bug ladybug named Gaston - a character from the cartoon "Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom". The work on his creation was easy and effortless. Charming Gaston is made of the most pleasant microplush, each black spot is sewn into a scarlet shell, which increases the quality of the product due to the lack of open cuts. Charming horns are felted from natural wool, and six thin legs serve as a reliable support for the toy, since they have a good strong frame. Now our Gaston will live in a big, cheerful, loving family and delight children with his presence not only on the screen.

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