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Plush cloning of a meter-long bee

cloning bee toy

A plush cloning of a soft, meter-long bee. Bees are not only delicious honey, as we used to think! ) Sometimes it is also a couple of kilograms of plush happiness, which we had to repeat exactly the original for the insurance company "Aska-Zhyttya". In this case, the cloning of the toy was complicated by the impossibility to disassemble the toy into parts and remove the molds. But it did not affect the result in any way. After all, the Bureau of soft relations Art-berloga employs real virtuosos of needle and plush, who can do the most incredible tasks! The height of the clone corresponds to the original - 1 meter in a sitting position. The bee is recreated with maximum accuracy, which surprised and extremely pleased the company-customer. And to please and surprise our customers is the mission of our company.

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