Designing toy sewing

Dresses for wedding bears

Dresses for toys

A couple of bears decided to get wedding outfits in the shortest possible time - just two days. And we worked hard to create couture outfits to meet the deadline. It turned out that for real professionals-couturiers, a couple of days is quite enough to dress up a plush couple in suits of perfect cut and fit. The gentleman's outfit is made of the finest Italian wool and batiste, and the bride is all in lace. And we emphasized her femininity with fluffy eyelashes, which were initially absent and it was impossible to distinguish the bride and groom in any way. In the process of work we have developed several packages of patterns for each bear, sewed mock-ups of outfits, on them patterns were brought to perfection and only then sewed the originals. We are ready to show our professionalism again and again in the most incredible, complicated and "burning" orders like this one! Plush Atelier is open 24/7.

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