Designing toy sewing

soft dove toy

Plush pigeon was created by us by individual order for a girl who loves these birds very much. As a basis we took the image of a real pigeon, oriented on its color and basic shapes. The bird turned out to be big enough, about 50 cm. It does not stand on its own, but it is very convenient for hugging and sleeping, although it is not a pillow, but a full-fledged volumetric toy. In the product, at the request of the customer, there is a secret pocket for all sorts of little things and secrets. As the material of the top used certified in the Ukrainian market fabrics. Namely plush, microplush, wool. And for the filling of the toy perfectly suited chollofiber, which perfectly holds its shape and at the same time very soft. We tried very hard to make the pigeon as similar as possible to a real bird, that's why the color of its proud neck was applied by hand with a special resistant paint for fabric. Now the bird from us "flew away" to its native nest and we are very happy about it. After all, it is loved there, we are absolutely sure of that!

Plush red dragon

Some girls dream of a prince on a white horse who, for their sake, will defeat a dragon. And other girls have such a big and sensitive heart that they are strong enough to find a common language even with the most terrible fire-breathing creature! Just such a brave girl thought up and drew this red Dragon, and also - wanted to settle it at her place. And since half of the work was already done, we only had to arm ourselves with fabrics, wit, patience and a drop of magic, and create a toy exactly according to this child's drawing. The work boiled over according to the usual scheme - a model of the dragon, coordination with the customer, making amendments to the model, selection of materials, sewing the toy. And the result exceeded all expectations. The dragon turned out to be bright, eye-catching and incredibly similar to its 2D-prototype, created by a childish hand of a young dreamer. Since recently Firebreather lives in the princess's chambers and stands guard over her sweet dreams. And when the princess grows up, this Dragon will help her to choose a worthy prince. At least, that's what we want to believe!

soft hippopotamus toy

Once upon a time, a tender minty hippo was a little boy's best friend. Years passed, the boy grew up, and from the hippo remained only memories and one photo. Our masters had to restore the visual image of the favorite, but lost toy. First of all, we created a model of the hippo, clarified on it where and what inaccuracies were allowed, talked to the client about what and how to change, so that the new plushie as much as possible corresponded to the original. And there were three such layouts until we achieved the ideal, in the opinion of the customer. The final stage in the work was sewing a new toy. For this purpose we used certified materials - microplush and plush. As a filler - holofiber. As it turned out, eyebrows, eyes, nostrils and mouth were embroidered, so we did not use any other techniques to create a face. Every time we encounter lost animals and the need to restore them, we are truly happy that so many people understand the real value of plush toys and try their best to recreate, reanimate and save them!

Soft toy spider

What, you don't like spiders? You just don't know how they are created at Art-berloga! This cute eight-legged fellow is created in absolute accordance with the customer's wishes. Its legs span 40 cm. The fur is dense and thick. Color combination - warning poisonous. Inside the toy there is no frame to hold the paws in the correct anatomical position, because this toy is cuddly and titillating, always in close contact with a person. Therefore, we refused from the frame, in order to minimize the traumatic danger of the toy, and found a constructive solution that allows you to accurately convey all the subtle curves of the paws. The most interesting thing is that the most amount of time was spent not on sewing the toy, but on shearing. The fur suitable for the work was long-woolen. That's why it had to be shortened. All of it! By hand! This titanic labor we did not do in vain, because the spider turned out to be a glory. At least, that's what the customer said!

plush toy tankman

"You may not be a tanker, but you must be the best friend!" - This was the message with which we sent this pillow toy to our customer. And we are more than sure that Tankist became a favorite of the whole family! After all, he will keep you company in a tank, and in a convertible, and in an airplane! He will create a feeling of coziness and help to relax a little in a long journey. Knowing what fate is destined for the new cushion toy, we created it as practical as possible. That's why we chose black color and material - microplush, which is resistant to wiping and easy to wash. Thanks to the filling with syntepuh, the product turned out to be light, soft and squeezable. And the most important thing is that our tank man is extremely peaceful! And if you also need such an unusual character - contact us! We will gladly sew more soldiers, just so that peace reigns in the world!

Soft cat toy

Everyone knows for a long time that Art-berloga employs magicians, but it is a holy thing to remind about it once again). In addition to the fact that we can realize any task, we can also generate the idea itself. And then bring it to perfection, refine the design and realize it out of fabric! That's how it happened with Kotichka. At the start we had only one input: a funny cat. Having included imagination, we drew a series of sketches with all sorts of "krazy" kitties, chose the best ones and offered them to the customer. As you can see, the result is a cute and even a bit silly fat kitty. By the way, look closely, very profitable as a pet! Eat-drink does not ask, in the house is not naughty, never annoying, hugs and squeezes love and always reminds of the warm feelings of a loved one personalized inscription. Well, just an ideal! And all because it has a piece of soul of each of the masters who had a hand in its creation! And if you or your loved one really, really need a kitty, we know for sure that we can create it!

soft toy bee

According to the zoological classification, the bee belongs to the stinging family, the group of webworms, and its closest relatives are wasps and ants. But according to the internal classification of Art-berloga - bees are one of the most favorite plush characters of both adults and children. This cutest winged toy is customized especially for a newborn baby girl. Knowing that the toy will become a faithful friend to a defenseless person who has just come into this world, we tried to create it as pleasant as possible tactilely, absolutely safe to use and as attractive as possible. This exclusive product can be dry cleaned and hand washed. All small details are made of textile, the use of plastic fittings and frame is absolutely excluded. The top material is certified microplush. The bee is filled with hypoallergenic syntepuh, which is resistant to the accumulation of dust and dust mites, and therefore contact with the child these irritants are excluded. When working on the bee, our team strived to create not just another plushie, but a real soft friend, maximally adaptive to the needs of the baby. After all, the child's health is invaluable, and it is on its maintenance in proper condition should be focused on the first toy. Remember this, parents, and do not give in to the temptation of dubious savings on toys.

Teddy bears mascot

Brothers Mikhail Potapych and Potap Mikhailovich are amazing twin bears and real professionals! And their business is of great importance! After all, to be the official brand mascots is not "anything like". It is constant shooting, moving, traveling, flights, conferences, exhibitions, festivals, photo zones, hundreds (sometimes thousands) of strangers. And everyone wants to take selfies with them, hug them, squeeze them. And, anticipating such their fate, at the stage of creating teddies we tried to make every effort to make the products as durable and wear-resistant as possible. Unusually colored material for skins were searched for all over Ukraine, then we manipulated to strengthen its basis. Connected the details of the teddy bears with special kapron thread, and the fastenings of arms, legs and head made a rocking cotter pin. And the cotter pins put metal, which will definitely extend the life of the toys. We are sure that you will be able to see these beauties at some medical exhibition in Kiev. And when you see them - say hello to them from us!

Plush toy surgeon

If the most talented person in his profession has a surname hints (what is there - openly indicates) on fishing, and the occupation is maxillofacial surgery, then how not to use such an extravagant coincidence of circumstances in the manufacture of an exclusive gift statuette. That is why the bear in a doctor's suit catches not a fish but a tooth on a fishing rod. The statuette is stable, made according to the classic technology of sewing soft toys, but modernized by us and the product can be removed from the stand for transportation, for example, or just for a closer look in your own hands. The height of the product is 25 cm. Materials used for its creation - plush, syntepuh, cottons. The tooth is molded from polymer clay, and the fishing rod is assembled from real fishing tackle. To say that this gift caused surprise - do not say anything. Surprise and be surprised, and we will help in any of these actions! We can do any extraordinary ideas!

Soft toy tiger cub

Restoring toys from photos is always a difficult task. To repeat the shapes, sizes, proportions of a toy is only half a job. After all, sometimes it is simply impossible to find in free sale similar to the original material, not to mention the exact copy, which is remembered and with all the soul crave to get customers. Therefore, we have to make every possible effort to meet all expectations. Tigrusha turned out to be the most difficult product we have ever created. All because of the specific white-orange print on the fine pile of the fur. Studying the range of materials both on our market and in neighboring countries did not bring any results. In the end it was decided to recreate the print from the photo of the lost toy. We applied the drawing characteristic for this Tiger with textile paint and a thin brush, invented ways to prevent the paint from spreading and finally achieved the desired result. Soon, Tigrusha pleased the little owner with his magical appearance under the Christmas tree and now they, as before, are always and everywhere together! And our team of masters never tires of enjoying their superpowers)))


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