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A customized plush dove

soft dove toy

Plush pigeon was created by us by individual order for a girl who loves these birds very much. As a basis we took the image of a real pigeon, oriented on its color and basic shapes. The bird turned out to be big enough, about 50 cm. It does not stand on its own, but it is very convenient for hugging and sleeping, although it is not a pillow, but a full-fledged volumetric toy. In the product, at the request of the customer, there is a secret pocket for all sorts of little things and secrets. As the material of the top used certified in the Ukrainian market fabrics. Namely plush, microplush, wool. And for the filling of the toy perfectly suited chollofiber, which perfectly holds its shape and at the same time very soft. We tried very hard to make the pigeon as similar as possible to a real bird, that's why the color of its proud neck was applied by hand with a special resistant paint for fabric. Now the bird from us "flew away" to its native nest and we are very happy about it. After all, it is loved there, we are absolutely sure of that!

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