Designing toy sewing

Personalized sewing of a cat with inscription

Soft cat toy

Everyone knows for a long time that Art-berloga employs magicians, but it is a holy thing to remind about it once again). In addition to the fact that we can realize any task, we can also generate the idea itself. And then bring it to perfection, refine the design and realize it out of fabric! That's how it happened with Kotichka. At the start we had only one input: a funny cat. Having included imagination, we drew a series of sketches with all sorts of "krazy" kitties, chose the best ones and offered them to the customer. As you can see, the result is a cute and even a bit silly fat kitty. By the way, look closely, very profitable as a pet! Eat-drink does not ask, in the house is not naughty, never annoying, hugs and squeezes love and always reminds of the warm feelings of a loved one personalized inscription. Well, just an ideal! And all because it has a piece of soul of each of the masters who had a hand in its creation! And if you or your loved one really, really need a kitty, we know for sure that we can create it!

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