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Dentist's chair decor

chair decor fish

What tricks do clinics have to do to please the smallest but most demanding patients! Children are especially afraid of the dentist's office. And to correct this problem, we have actively worked on the creation of a cute overlay on the dental chair in the form of a cartoon fish. This product defuses the situation in the office, removes all the children's fears of this equipment. After all, agree, a very big difference - to sit in the dentist's chair or in the chair-fish!!!!. This product in no way complicates the work of the doctor and assistant. At any moment the fish can be removed from the backrest and just as easily fix it back. It is made of artificial leather, which meets all sanitary norms and allows disinfecting the product for the safety of babies. Such items of medical interior can be developed taking into account the specifics of the work of a particular doctor. And it is also quite possible to realize other characters or mascots, which will give the little patient courage and confidence. Contact us!

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