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Handmade toy spider

Soft toy spider

What, you don't like spiders? You just don't know how they are created at Art-berloga! This cute eight-legged fellow is created in absolute accordance with the customer's wishes. Its legs span 40 cm. The fur is dense and thick. Color combination - warning poisonous. Inside the toy there is no frame to hold the paws in the correct anatomical position, because this toy is cuddly and titillating, always in close contact with a person. Therefore, we refused from the frame, in order to minimize the traumatic danger of the toy, and found a constructive solution that allows you to accurately convey all the subtle curves of the paws. The most interesting thing is that the most amount of time was spent not on sewing the toy, but on shearing. The fur suitable for the work was long-woolen. That's why it had to be shortened. All of it! By hand! This titanic labor we did not do in vain, because the spider turned out to be a glory. At least, that's what the customer said!

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