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Soft toy green hippopotamus

soft hippopotamus toy

Once upon a time, a tender minty hippo was a little boy's best friend. Years passed, the boy grew up, and from the hippo remained only memories and one photo. Our masters had to restore the visual image of the favorite, but lost toy. First of all, we created a model of the hippo, clarified on it where and what inaccuracies were allowed, talked to the client about what and how to change, so that the new plushie as much as possible corresponded to the original. And there were three such layouts until we achieved the ideal, in the opinion of the customer. The final stage in the work was sewing a new toy. For this purpose we used certified materials - microplush and plush. As a filler - holofiber. As it turned out, eyebrows, eyes, nostrils and mouth were embroidered, so we did not use any other techniques to create a face. Every time we encounter lost animals and the need to restore them, we are truly happy that so many people understand the real value of plush toys and try their best to recreate, reanimate and save them!

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