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soft toy goldfish

Have you ever dreamed of making three wishes to the Goldfish? "Where can you get a fish like that?" - you say. But we do! Golden, beautiful, soft, tactilely very pleasant, beady-eyed and funny right up to the state of "mi-mi-mi". And you can make her wishes not three, but an infinite number! But it is not a fact that she will fulfill them! But at least you can talk to Fish! She will definitely not say anything to anyone! The toy is made of long-wool velour by frameless technology. The size together with the tail is 40 cm. The filling is light, soft, springy, hypoallergenic syntepuh. With such parameters this Golden "Enchantress" has real chances to become a favorite of the whole family and "bring up" more than one generation! And don't even ask about the quality of manufacturing! We will make sure that it will withstand all imaginable and unthinkable loads that can happen in the life of a plush fish!

Quokka handmade toy

Every new non-standard order is both a great responsibility for us and an invaluable experience! That's why we always take on original ideas in order to find new solutions to realize them! Exactly the same was the case with Quokka. We looked at the photo of this sweetest smiling creature and had no idea how to make a 40 centimeter toy from a piece of fabric and filler to reflect all the subtleties of the appearance of this animal. But we have one golden rule: the main thing is to start! That's exactly what we did! And in the process we found the right lines and curves of patterns, the right shapes of the layout, the most suitable in color and texture fur, techniques and methods of sewing. We cut, sewed, stuffed, stretched, sheared, went to the goal by all possible means! The quokka turned out even better than we expected! We were a little sorry to part with her in the end! But it could not be avoided and we, with a sense of pride for the perfectly done work, handed over Kwokka in the caring hands of the customer! And when we saw the delight in his eyes - we realized that this is a real drive and for the sake of such moments we are ready to conquer new and new heights of our business!

Soft cat Divo

Divo! What an eloquent name this kitten has! His image was created by our customer's designers, but it is really a real miracle! It's a miracle that we managed to create such a difficult mascot on the existing visualization in those few days that were left before the launch of the promo-campaign. We, as always, worked hard. We worked around the clock, just not to let the client down and to create a toy as similar to the prototype as possible. We were torn between several operations at the same time: we prepared patterns, selected the most suitable material, prepared a file in the necessary format for embroidering eyes, cut, sewed, mounted the frame, and at the same time had time to coordinate with the customer the main working points. It was very "hot", but we and the owners of the mascot were satisfied with the result.

Soft cat from photo

The story of this cute gray kitten is very touching. Once upon a time, the same toy was the mascot of the whole family. But, as it often happens, the family returned home from another trip with an incomplete family. Everyone's favorite plushie remained somewhere in warm lands. Therefore, the family council decided to look for opportunities to restore the toy. And with the realization of this idea we willingly volunteered to help. To begin with, we studied the entire photo album dedicated to the favorite toy, took into account the sketches and wishes of the customer and created a layout, and then a copy (clone) of the lost plush friend. The main work lasted about 21 days, although the preparation took much longer. The family happily welcomed the younger Serenky and now they are inseparable. Kotik stays at home for the time of traveling, so that history does not suddenly repeat itself.

Soft playpen panda

Most young parents have a strong desire to make their lives easier and at the same time decorate the children's room with functional soft poufs, playpens, developmental mats, sofas. And we are happy to help them in this! After all, we are always ready to design and sew any upholstered interior object, so that your baby was comfortable and safe to sleep, sit, play, enjoy the best moments of childhood. This model "Manege Panda" is designed by special order and can not be reproduced again, because the right holder is our regular customer. But to develop for you an exclusive children's accessory by your own or your design, sew it from the best certified hypoallergenic materials, add elements for the development of fine motor skills, apply a logo or additional pockets - no problem! Contact us!

princess chamomile soft toy

Such an original toy - Princess Chamomile - we created according to the customer's design in the size of 25 cm. And the purpose of this doll is to become a faithful friend and companion of one cute girl! One of the main conditions was to achieve stability of the ears, which are also the petals of the flower. To cope with this task helped us a special frame, which we built inside the whole body. The doll itself is made of microplush, dressed in a velvety multicolored dress and has expressive, bright, painted eyes with huge eyelashes. Everything is exactly as depicted on the sketch. Eyes made painting on fabric for the reason that only this technique can most accurately convey their shimmering colors! We were able to fulfill our mission in full and now the little girl has a loyal and reliable girlfriend - Princess Chamomile!

Totoro handmade toy

Well, how could we, real plush "wizards" could bypass such a wonderful forest spirit from the popular anime? Our Totoro in the form of the cutest soft toy turned out to be 45 cm tall. This is a little more than the usual standard, but a good plushie, like a person, should be a lot. Therefore, the pudgy Totoro is created in maximum conformity with cartoon proportions. Perhaps someone will find the coloring of the toy strange, but here everything depended on the wishes of the customer. That's why we chose materials with such coloring and, of course, we paid special attention to the texture. All the plush used in the work has different shades, but gives equally pleasant tactile sensations when touching. Inside the toy is embedded flexible skeleton, which allows you to bend fingers, ears, and hands to hug the owner. The leaf is sewn on a separate request. It is held on a secret fastener and at any moment this decorative detail can be removed. We must be honest, before sending the toy to a new home, our whole team took personal selfies with it.  After all, Totoro is one of our favorite characters.

Soft hedgehog toy

When life lacks a little spice - you don't have to go skydiving, for example, or get another piercing! Listen to yourself! You may just be in need of a Ginger! This charming, always rushing and running hedgehog is created especially for cozy cuddles on long winter evenings! He will amuse, delight and warm! And fluffy and thick "prickles" can only tickle, so it is absolutely safe for both adults and children! Our Imbirchik is a frugal guy, so his tiny backpack is always filled with a pile of good tales, the most pleasant emotions, tenderness and everything that can still be placed there - whether it is a secret, a gift, a letter or a ring for the beloved! There is room for fantasy! The hedgehog is made of delicate plush and artificial long-wool fur. Synthetic down is used as a filler. The backpack is sewn from golden biflex and is securely attached to the toy's body. And the most important thing is the size of Ginger! It is as much as 40 centimeters of plush happiness! And you can't buy it in the store around the corner! Only Art-berloga masters can create it so plausibly and authentically! So please contact us! We are always ready to help make your plush ideas and fantasies come true!

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Plush bottle decor

New Year's and Christmas holidays are a special time, which from childhood is associated with the bright glitter of Christmas decorations, sparkling lights, laughter, smiles, tangerines and the expectation of a miracle. But in adult life everything is not the same as in childhood, and the festive spirit must be created by hand. Then you realize how important every little thing is in this difficult business! That's why, for completeness of the picture, even Champagne wine on the festive table should be in an image, which we will gladly create according to your order/sketch/thought even for one bottle, even for a hundred! As an example - our decorative gnome covers! Each such "outfit" for a bottle will serve you for many years and will not lose its decorativeness, which we are 100% sure of. With such alco-gnomics it will be more fun to go to the guests, and children's non-alcoholic event can be decorated!

Plush mascot toy

Roy the bunny is probably one of the most positive characters, which turned from a two-dimensional image into a full-fledged soft toy by the diligent efforts of Art-berloga masters! Only he is not just a toy, but a real brand mascot that lives his own life, "communicates" with children, is filmed for glossy, is recognized and loved by the public. And now, after creating a test sample of plush Roy, we are preparing to sew a whole batch of bunnies in his image, likeness and molds to make happy more kids who are in love with this image! Most importantly, the toy is designed to be as safe as possible for little ones. It has no frame, only fabrics certified in Ukraine and no plastic accessories! Only microplush, syntepuch and embroidery! All materials are soft and very pleasant in tactile properties, which also plays a significant role in the child's perception of this character as one of the best friends.

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