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Plush princess chamomile

princess chamomile soft toy

Such an original toy - Princess Chamomile - we created according to the customer's design in the size of 25 cm. And the purpose of this doll is to become a faithful friend and companion of one cute girl! One of the main conditions was to achieve stability of the ears, which are also the petals of the flower. To cope with this task helped us a special frame, which we built inside the whole body. The doll itself is made of microplush, dressed in a velvety multicolored dress and has expressive, bright, painted eyes with huge eyelashes. Everything is exactly as depicted on the sketch. Eyes made painting on fabric for the reason that only this technique can most accurately convey their shimmering colors! We were able to fulfill our mission in full and now the little girl has a loyal and reliable girlfriend - Princess Chamomile!

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