Designing toy sewing

Plush dentist bear

When a little patient is met by a plush assistant of the doctor in the dentist's office, both the office and the doctor no longer cause the same fear. This teddy bear was created with the purpose to make children feel at ease with the doctor. Realizing in advance that the bear-dentist will be very actively used for a long time, we maximally strengthened the product. That is, we used high-quality cotton-based material, glued it with dublerin, installed metal splints as connecting joints. Each seam of the costume was processed with an oblique bead to avoid scattering of the fabric. The costume can be removed and washed in case of contamination, which is inevitable.

White owl toy

Snow-white owl is created by individual order, as an embodiment of the best qualities of the person to whom this gift is intended. And let it is only an interior toy, but still such a gift will be remembered for many years. And with our quality of work you can be sure that not only will be remembered, but will definitely be preserved in the best form! The toy is made of artificial fur with medium length pile. Filling - hypoallergenic and well shape retaining syntepuh. Fittings are plastic. The owl is independently stable and does not require additional supports.

Lion of Tomorrow_2037

A lion is always a personification of strength and power. And the plush Lion made by Art-berloga, created according to the client's sketch, became a symbol and a universal favorite of the festival "Zavtra2037", which was held in Lviv in March 2018. He, as a true host, met the young guests of the event, gave them positive emotions, a charge of vigor, hugs and selfies. An endless number of photos with Leva simply flooded the Internet during the days of the festival. Such a reaction to the product is the biggest indicator of success of our efforts in the sphere of authentic realization of 2D heroes in 3D form with the help of textile, thread and needle.

soft crab toy

Plush Crabby from Art-berloga has settled in the cozy house of a large friendly family and has become an invariable companion of children in all their travels. To create the most realistic coloring of the toy, we have developed a special technology of applying the coloring pigment on the hairy base, as well as a method of fixing the coloring. We produce such toys to order from 1 copy. The leg span of this crab is 50 cm, but you can increase or decrease the parameters of the product by individual order.  You just need to contact us using the feedback form in the "contact us" section!

soft toy mouse

The wonderful mouse was created by our masters by special order. The famous character Remy was taken as a prototype, but the aim was not to create a copy. Rather on the contrary - the bet was made on the originality and exclusivity of the product. It will be fair to note that this plush cutie turned out to be very fastidious and made us work hard, continuously learning new techniques and methods in the process of work. For example, the eye - it turned out incredibly realistic. The eyeball is created by the example of a real live eye and placed in a plush eye socket, which immediately attracts attention to the toy. Inside the product there is a frame, which allows the mouse to be stable without additional supports. And special attention should be paid to the costume, or rather the form of a waiter with the logo of the institution, in which the mouse is dressed. We not only have exclusive toys, but also atelier indposhiva for them. And all toy costumes are no less unique and exclusive, created in a single copy.

soft toy calf

The cutest calf of 60 cm in height was created by us by individual order and now went to the city of Dnipro for permanent residence. The prototype of the toy was a prefabricated image of the animal. The toy is independently stable, thanks to a strong frame integrated inside the product. For sewing black and white skin was used the most pleasant to the touch modern plush, as a filler - syntepuh. But before sewing the original we had to make more than one mock-up and many, many revisions to get the perfect shape of the product. And special efforts had to be made to create the face of the calf. Thanks to the diligence and painstaking labor of our masters, it turned out as if it were alive.

Plush toys cats

We created a couple of Pusheen kitties that we loved on Facebook with the greatest pleasure. And although there are more than enough plush variations of these characters in the world, we created these kitties from scratch and with responsibility, as if they were the only ones in the world))) For the pelts we chose a very specific material, as close as possible to the original coloring of the characters, namely - milled wool. The cats turned out soft and very pleasant tactilely. Their height is 35 cm. Now they have moved to different corners of our homeland and there are 2 more happy owners of "Pushins" in the world"!

Plush toy Goose

Everyone loves goose! From small to large! We created this popular handsome goose out of fabric and synthetic fluff especially for his loyal admirer and even fan. Now the toy accompanies the admirer everywhere and anywhere, delighting with its external resemblance. The height of the Goose is 50 cm, in a sitting position 30 cm. It is made of the most delicate microplush of two colors. Filled with syntepuh. Stylish and tasteful!

Blue horse toy

A miniature puffy mulberry horse with a drape was created as a symbol and corporate hero of one of the most famous equestrian clubs in Ukraine. The work on it took 14 days and maximum concentration. We tried to convey in the toy all the beauty and grace of these beautiful creatures. The main material chosen was blue wool 100%, in the color of corporate symbols. The hooves are natural leather. The mane is artificial, but extremely attractive curls. For stability, a frame is integrated inside the product.

Plush muppet toy

The character of the animated movie Puzzle Games Baby TV is made with 100% similarity. The toy is created in the style of Muppet dolls with the ability to actively control facial expressions, and more specifically the mouth, and imitate conversation. This is a great option for playful training of preschool children or organization of home puppet theater. This toy does not leave indifferent both children and adults. We all the team decided to try out the functionality of its "jaws" and the work in the workshop stopped for several hours, so exciting was our interaction with this blue miracle. The Muppet's height is 70 cm. It is made of certified faux fur, lined with cottons. The fittings are handmade of polymer clay. Filling - hypoallergenic syntepuh and syntepon.


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