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Exclusive plush mouse

soft toy mouse

The wonderful mouse was created by our masters by special order. The famous character Remy was taken as a prototype, but the aim was not to create a copy. Rather on the contrary - the bet was made on the originality and exclusivity of the product. It will be fair to note that this plush cutie turned out to be very fastidious and made us work hard, continuously learning new techniques and methods in the process of work. For example, the eye - it turned out incredibly realistic. The eyeball is created by the example of a real live eye and placed in a plush eye socket, which immediately attracts attention to the toy. Inside the product there is a frame, which allows the mouse to be stable without additional supports. And special attention should be paid to the costume, or rather the form of a waiter with the logo of the institution, in which the mouse is dressed. We not only have exclusive toys, but also atelier indposhiva for them. And all toy costumes are no less unique and exclusive, created in a single copy.

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