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Soft toy Totoro

Totoro handmade toy

Well, how could we, real plush "wizards" could bypass such a wonderful forest spirit from the popular anime? Our Totoro in the form of the cutest soft toy turned out to be 45 cm tall. This is a little more than the usual standard, but a good plushie, like a person, should be a lot. Therefore, the pudgy Totoro is created in maximum conformity with cartoon proportions. Perhaps someone will find the coloring of the toy strange, but here everything depended on the wishes of the customer. That's why we chose materials with such coloring and, of course, we paid special attention to the texture. All the plush used in the work has different shades, but gives equally pleasant tactile sensations when touching. Inside the toy is embedded flexible skeleton, which allows you to bend fingers, ears, and hands to hug the owner. The leaf is sewn on a separate request. It is held on a secret fastener and at any moment this decorative detail can be removed. We must be honest, before sending the toy to a new home, our whole team took personal selfies with it.  After all, Totoro is one of our favorite characters.

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