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Toy from the picture - red dragon

Plush red dragon

Some girls dream of a prince on a white horse who, for their sake, will defeat a dragon. And other girls have such a big and sensitive heart that they are strong enough to find a common language even with the most terrible fire-breathing creature! Just such a brave girl thought up and drew this red Dragon, and also - wanted to settle it at her place. And since half of the work was already done, we only had to arm ourselves with fabrics, wit, patience and a drop of magic, and create a toy exactly according to this child's drawing. The work boiled over according to the usual scheme - a model of the dragon, coordination with the customer, making amendments to the model, selection of materials, sewing the toy. And the result exceeded all expectations. The dragon turned out to be bright, eye-catching and incredibly similar to its 2D-prototype, created by a childish hand of a young dreamer. Since recently Firebreather lives in the princess's chambers and stands guard over her sweet dreams. And when the princess grows up, this Dragon will help her to choose a worthy prince. At least, that's what we want to believe!

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