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Exclusive soft toy tankman

plush toy tankman

"You may not be a tanker, but you must be the best friend!" - This was the message with which we sent this pillow toy to our customer. And we are more than sure that Tankist became a favorite of the whole family! After all, he will keep you company in a tank, and in a convertible, and in an airplane! He will create a feeling of coziness and help to relax a little in a long journey. Knowing what fate is destined for the new cushion toy, we created it as practical as possible. That's why we chose black color and material - microplush, which is resistant to wiping and easy to wash. Thanks to the filling with syntepuh, the product turned out to be light, soft and squeezable. And the most important thing is that our tank man is extremely peaceful! And if you also need such an unusual character - contact us! We will gladly sew more soldiers, just so that peace reigns in the world!

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