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soft toy bee

According to the zoological classification, the bee belongs to the stinging family, the group of webworms, and its closest relatives are wasps and ants. But according to the internal classification of Art-berloga - bees are one of the most favorite plush characters of both adults and children. This cutest winged toy is customized especially for a newborn baby girl. Knowing that the toy will become a faithful friend to a defenseless person who has just come into this world, we tried to create it as pleasant as possible tactilely, absolutely safe to use and as attractive as possible. This exclusive product can be dry cleaned and hand washed. All small details are made of textile, the use of plastic fittings and frame is absolutely excluded. The top material is certified microplush. The bee is filled with hypoallergenic syntepuh, which is resistant to the accumulation of dust and dust mites, and therefore contact with the child these irritants are excluded. When working on the bee, our team strived to create not just another plushie, but a real soft friend, maximally adaptive to the needs of the baby. After all, the child's health is invaluable, and it is on its maintenance in proper condition should be focused on the first toy. Remember this, parents, and do not give in to the temptation of dubious savings on toys.

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