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Soft toy Spider Pig

Spider pig toy

This legendary piggy has behaved in no other way than piggish from the very beginning))) After all, we spent a little more effort on his appearance than we usually spend on a toy. But nevertheless - this handsome boy was worth it. You fall in love with him from the first touch - silky fur, softer than a baby's skin, and incredibly fluffy filler make the toy a real cloud. But the most attractive place of our Spider Pig is his nostrils. Tested on both kids and adults. Everyone definitely wants to study them tactilely and this procedure tightens cooler than any spinner. That's what the right approach to toy making means! Our Spider Pig is big enough, the length of his torso is 55 cm. Made of high quality microplush and velour, filler -hollofiber. 100% author's design and execution.

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