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Sewing toy by photo Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty soft toy

Most of us had a favorite stuffed friend when we were kids. And many of us still have those first soft toys to this day. It is pleasant to take them in your hands, to hug them, to immerse yourself in warm memories. Some carefully keep and do not give them to anyone, others pass the plush favorite to their children. But what to do if the only thing left of the rarity is a photo? We have a solution! Do not hesitate to go with this photo to our masters! This is exactly what happened with this sweetest character! All that the client could provide - a few photos and very approximate dimensions of Humpty, on which we had to recreate a vintage toy. And the whole difficulty is that the original is lost, it can not be touched, examined, assess the quality of the material and measure the proportions. In such cases, we have to rely only on our experience-honed eye, fantasy and imagination. Our team, it is always a fundamental approach, so we coped with this task without any hiccups. In the process of work were not only the most accurately selected materials, but also put tremendous effort to exactly replicate all the nuances and features of the toy "from childhood"! And we firmly believe that the new soft toy will please more than one generation of our client's family! If the photos of your favorite toys from the distant childhood also cause you a desire to restore the lost friend - welcome! We are always ready to show all our talents in the name of our customers' souls warmed with joy!

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