Designing toy sewing

Corporate symbol soft fire

Soft toy fire

The fire - as it is meant to be by the very nature of fire - was created in a burning timeframe. In just 5 days we created 3 full-fledged fabric mock-ups of Ogonyok in order to bring out the best shape, as well as approved the design, selected materials and method of toning the toy.  Ogonek is made of bright, very pleasant to the touch microplush with a pile height of 1 mm. It is filled with hypoallergenic syntepuh. Tinting is made of water-resistant coloring pigment. The light turned out to be bright and eye-catching. Immediately from the workshop he went to the exhibition, to represent the company, the mascot of which is. And now, after the furor at the exhibition, he lives in the office and serves as an excellent anti-stress for the company's employees.

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