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Corporate soft symbol for HR Wisdom Summit

Plush bee with logo

Corporate soft symbol for HR Wisdom Summit. Many of our clients have long noticed that the masters of Art-berloga Soft Relation Bureau have a secret knowledge of producing incredibly appealing corporate toys. This is confirmed by three corporate branded bees of our production, which, having gracefully fluttered into the customer's office, stopped the work and preparation for the upcoming event for 2 hours! Adult, serious people in suits looked at the bees, circled around the office with them, took selfies and got a positive charge. The same situation was repeated at the event. The guests of HR Wisdom Summit did not let the bees off their hands, hugged and took selfies with them, studied their functionality. Each of the bees has movable frame wings and 6 movable limbs, which give the toy an opportunity to change poses and position in space. And incredibly soft plush of their fur gives unforgettable tactile sensations. That's what quality from Art-berloga means! Your corporate symbol in our performance will defuse any situation and will be remembered by everyone! Contact us! We will breathe life into your corporate hero.

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