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Large plush toy girl meerkat

plush toy meerkat

How little we know about the world around us! And how many chances we have to know it better, if only we live up to everything that happens to us on a daily basis. At Art-berloga, we start working only when we have a detailed "dossier" on the future toy. But not only the planned height, colour of hair, eyes, shape of ears. In order to feel the image, we need to know all the characteristics of the animal or character, understand his habits in real life, what they affect and how they affect the physiology. But when the work on creation of almost one and a half metre meerkat was outlined - then our whole team was imbued with this miracle-animal! And all because new knowledge from the field of animalistics simply shocked us. And how not to share with the whole world that meerkats - although predators, but very social, live in large families, build relationships, have their own well-established way of life! And generally behave in a very reasonable way. They are like fearless knights, able to bravely fight with snakes and scorpions, and they are 100% immune to the poison of the latter.

Encouraged and inspired by this knowledge, we created our Girl quickly and easily enough. And she left to guard the "possessions" of the little princess, to "tell" her the most interesting stories from the life of her fellow creatures, to be a faithful friend and companion for her for many, many years! And we start to realise new characters from textile and syntepuh, but first of all - to study them thoroughly, in order to please you again with all kinds of interesting, mind-expanding, interesting and most charming, most cute toys!

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