Designing toy sewing

josera brand dog toy

Incredibly large, bright and positive dog - the Jossera brand mascot is brought to life by our team from 20 kg of filler, 8 metres of artificial fur and 6 metres of wooden bar. For the basis of the product we took a photo of a small, rubber promotional dog, which is available at every distributor of the company's products and is well known as the main corporate symbol. To begin with, we had to create a small mock-up of the dog to refine all the design points and make corrections to the moulds. Then we sewed the mock-up in full size and made sure that the design was perfect and started sewing the original. But the most important and difficult stage is the integration of the wooden frame into the already assembled dog skin. This process takes several days, which include testing the stability and flatness of the construction with filler. Also at the request of the client the dog was given a collar and decorated with a personalised medallion with an engraved inscription. This product, despite the impressive dimensions - length 230 centimetres, height 130 centimetres went to Lviv. And now it decorates the office of Jossera company every day pleasing the staff and surprising the visitors.

Big soft pigeon

Our plush bird yard has been enriched with another exclusive member. Meet our peace dove! Our dove of peace! Not big and not small - only 100 centimetres from beak to tail tip! It is created in the shortest possible time by individual order. The material for manufacturing is selected from a sufficiently rich in winter wool assortment. Filler - syntepuh, plastic fittings. The way to use this toy: to love, to stroke, to squeeze!

doggies the symbol of 2018.

Every year has its own symbol and we can't help but join the trend of making these symbols. But, as always, we are different in scope! Our pair of Dogs with the height of 170 cm each took almost all our workshop and all the attention of our masters. Today the dogs have successfully left for Dnipro, where they will become a decoration of a big holiday of a large retail chain! Large toys individually handmade to order from Art-berloga.

toy hedgehog kroha

Sometimes there are times when we get really gigantic. And our Tiny is a prime example of that! This little guy is 150 cm tall and has about 7kg of live weight. For the hedgehog we have developed a special lightweight skeleton, which will not let him sag under his own weight and will always keep its shape. The toy is also well-balanced and self-stable, it does not require any additional supports. Kroha is dressed in a T-shirt with the company logo and is already pleasing his owner - the famous Dr Komarovsky.

Big elephant

Specially created elephant for the Business Wisdom Summit event. The toy is large in size, 1.5 metres high and 2 metres long. The construction is assembled on a wooden frame, stuffed with hollofyber. The symbol of the event did not leave any indifferent visitor. Art-berloga exclusive handmade mascots to order! Individual embodiment and development!

Baymax soft robot.

Attention! Now cartoon characters can also settle in your home, shop, showroom, play area, clinic and kindergartens! We create them with a professional approach and superhero inspiration! That's exactly how we created Beymax, the superhero from the City of Heroes cartoon. Now Beymax will guard the little visitors of Kiev children's shop. His height is 100 cm. Weight-3kg.

Teddy bear immigrant

When you want to express your immense love, you choose the most immense way of expression) In this case, a loving dad congratulated his daughter with a one and a half metre kitty, which we created inspired by his feelings. A heart with a personalised greeting is hidden under the kitty's crimson jacket. Now he lives in Bucharest and pleases his little owner every day.

 custom outdoor toys

Customised designs of decorative toys for outdoor use. Everything flows, everything changes and we also try to keep up with the modernity. Now we develop and create also "outdoor toys" - toys designed to brighten up your leisure time, walks in nature and outings with children. After all, our products for the street are not afraid of weather conditions and operational loads. Toys are made of durable waterproof material. Easy to clean from dirt. The bat shown on the photo became a decoration of a rope park in Lviv region. The height of the bat is 70 cm. The size of the ladybird is 60 cm. These toys have special fasteners - carabiners, for reliable fixation on the net, trees and other supports. Also such toys can be used in popular nowadays quest-rooms and in everyday life, for example, as poufs at a picnic)))). Design we develop specially for you or work on a ready sketch/drawing/photo. Contact us! Softer with us!

Pan-green decor

Corporate hero - advertising and exposition construction "Pan - Zelenukha" - Large-scale creation of masters of art-berloga, the size of the hat diameter 1 metre, the height of the construction 1.20 metres. the span of arms 3 metres. The height of the fridge is 2 metres. Any corporate toys to order. Application of plush technologies of any complexity.

Big dolphin

A large customised soft toy created for the Kiev Salvation Forum in support of all the dolphins being tortured in dolphinariums. The protest action was covered by TV and the soft hero was shown on the news! This is how soft "stars" become Sewing large, soft toys on a frame. Huge toys - textile sculpture to order individually.

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