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Decorative outdoor toys.

 custom outdoor toys

Customised designs of decorative toys for outdoor use. Everything flows, everything changes and we also try to keep up with the modernity. Now we develop and create also "outdoor toys" - toys designed to brighten up your leisure time, walks in nature and outings with children. After all, our products for the street are not afraid of weather conditions and operational loads. Toys are made of durable waterproof material. Easy to clean from dirt. The bat shown on the photo became a decoration of a rope park in Lviv region. The height of the bat is 70 cm. The size of the ladybird is 60 cm. These toys have special fasteners - carabiners, for reliable fixation on the net, trees and other supports. Also such toys can be used in popular nowadays quest-rooms and in everyday life, for example, as poufs at a picnic)))). Design we develop specially for you or work on a ready sketch/drawing/photo. Contact us! Softer with us!

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