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Doll portrait caricature.


Textille doll caricature.

A portrait doll is the best gift for the person who has everything! This product was developed from photographs, without a single personal contact with a person, but, nevertheless, very accurately reflects both facial features and character. The doll's height is 40 cm. It is made in an exclusive author's technique and only in a single copy. Material - textile Inside the torso embedded special flexible frame similar to the human skeleton and therefore the product can take any position, all limbs bend-extend, the head turns. Even fingers of hands are mobile. But despite such an attractive possibility of transformation, this product is not intended for children's games. It is a collector's work and it needs to be properly cared for, which we immediately warn the owners. All doll's clothes are removable, made by hand on special moulds adjusted to the peculiarities of the structure of the product. In the same way, the shoes are created according to individual moulds. The friendly textile caricature impressed both the owner and his family.

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