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Textile gift set for wedding

plush bunny toy

It so happened that going to a wedding to good friends, we faced the eternal question - what to present? Money in an envelope and flowers - a standard and unmistakable option, but banal. So we decided to move away from the templates! Knowing that newlyweds adore plush bunnies, we developed and created for them an absolutely exclusive 120 centimeter Bunny. But a Bunny with a secret! His pink backpack in the form of a heart became an excellent plush "envelope" for a money gift. And the bouquet for the newlyweds we intentionally created from children's socks. Live flowers will please your eyes for a short time, but our bouquet is not only original, but also very useful for future parents! The newlyweds were pleasantly surprised and pleased. We wish you to be more creative in choosing gifts. And we are always ready to help you in this!

Textile flower gift

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