Designing toy sewing

Corporate toys for AVANTO clinic

Exclusive soft dolls

Nurse dolls were created by us by order of AVANTO dental clinic as corporate gifts. The whole team of the clinic was pleasantly surprised by the work done according to the verbal description, and agreed that we managed not only to fulfill the order qualitatively, but also to make the dolls unusually similar to the birthday girls. Dolls-nurses are created in the likeness of Tilde dolls from quality and natural materials: body fabric and costumes - cotton, hair - cotton yarn, filling - hypoallergenic syntepuh. The dolls' height is 35 cm. Dolls take several positions - can sit and stand, arms are movable by 360 degrees. Each nurse doll holds a tooth made of polymer clay. The shape of the dolls is also created in full accordance with the natural shape of the AVANTO clinic.

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