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Custom plush dragon

Individual sewing of handmade soft toy Dragon Harry) Special order of a soft gift for a favorite girl from an attentive guy. Life often takes you by surprise and throws up surprises in the form of unexpected and extraordinary orders. The phone call came at 06:00 in the morning: - "Hello! I need a dragon! At that time we did not know that the caller was from Alma-Ata and the time difference was 3 hours. At first it seemed that we were being played. But, hardened by previous experience, we accepted the order. So was "born" our dragon Harry - a pedigree handsome 70 centimeters tall. All details were carefully coordinated with the customer and embodied in the fabric, according to the wishes. In his hands Harry holds a heart with a personalized inscription for the girl. And the wings are movable, which allowed our Dragon to get to Kazakhstan, the city of Almaty.

Метровая мягкая игрушка Дракон

Review: Decided to give a gift to a girlfriend. A fabulous plush dragon. In Kazakhstan where I live there were no workshops for sewing soft toys to order. I had to look in the nearest foreign countries. Poshariv on the sites stopped the choice on the workshop from Kiev. I liked their work on the pictures. Made an order, talked about the details. Sent money. Four weeks later I received my dragon by mail. I must say that I was surprised by the quality of work done. All details were cut and sewn qualitatively. The dragon turned out just great. Both in look and feel. You can immediately see that it is not Chinese junk. In general, the quality of work of Ukrainian craftsmen very satisfied. Thank you very much...  Nail. Kazakhstan. Almaty.

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