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Sewing a lost bunny

Sewing a lost bunny toy

Agniya Barto once wrote: "The bunny was abandoned by his mistress..." We encourage you not only to take care of your plush friends, but also to restore them by photos! This is exactly what a young mother did, whose daughter lost her favorite bunny. And what a happiness that we live in the age of high technology, having the opportunity to capture all dear friends for memory! Our masters have recreated the Bunny by photo, trying to maximally accurately derive the proportions and pick up similar material by texture. Namely - artificial fur, filler - hypoallergenic syntepuh, quality accessories. The height of the bunny - 20 cm, with ears - almost 30 cm. The bunny returned to the family on the girl's birthday and one happy child became more in the world! After all, it is so important that the miracles that you sincerely expect, happened in reality. Restoration of the child's favorite toy. Re-creation of soft toys by photo. Plush cloning of lost friends. Art-berloga - softer with us!

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