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Custom tailoring of the Zack Rider hero

Zack Rider plush toy

When the child wished for a birthday favorite character in the form of a soft toy, parents usually, breaking their heads, cut circles around the stores of the city in search of the one, the only and unique. But hustle and bustle will not give good results! Make a cup of flavored tea and call us. On the example of Zeke Ryder and other fairy tale characters, we have repeatedly proved that we are ready to experiment and create, for the sake of happy children's eyes! This toy was created with special trepidation, because we were warned how important it is for the birthday girl that the product resembles the original. And 50 centimeter Zeke was satisfied. He is made of natural cotton fabric. He is dressed in wool pants, white microplush raglan and a vest made of fake fur. All clothes are removable, subject to hand washing. Recommendations for use: love sincerely, take care as the apple of your eye and enjoy the opportunity to possess an exclusive handmade toy "made by Art-berloga".

Review: I, of course, understand little about homemade toys, but if my daughter liked it, it's super! All who have seen the toy, said that very high quality! Thanks again! Julia.

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