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Plush hero tomorrowman

Plush toy tomorrowman

Tomorrow Man is a very special hero. He's used to putting everything off until tomorrow. But that didn't stop us from creating him quickly and efficiently. Tomorrowman has a flexible frame, which allows his limbs to move in different directions. He is created from cocoa-and-milk colored cottons. The image is complemented by an African hairstyle and a colorful costume with a red satin cape. Tomorrowman's height is 45 centimeters. Nowadays Zavtramen desperately saves the world from workaholism, and his owner pleases with quality handmade fulfillment.

Customer Review: I expected to get an ordinary toy, similar to the image of Tomorrowman, and received almost inspired character. After all, he is as alive! He is admired by all his friends! Fantastic! Thank you, Alexander!

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