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Customized plush robot for ITuber.

custom plush robot

The plush robot was created for the Youtube channel ITuber dedicated to teaching the subtleties of YouTube. At the customer's request, the robot was created with the possibility of vertical attachment to a metal surface with the help of magnets. The robot's arms are on small springs. Special attachment of the head allows you to move it higher-lower in relation to the torso. The toy is made of microplush combined with velour, filled with syntepuh. You can see the toy in the case on the channel.

Customer Review: Thank you to the Art-Berlogi team for a job well done. I really liked the doll (soft toy): quality of materials, advanced functionality with magnets, springs and neat seams in addition to fast feedback and courteous customer service. Thank you very much for the excellent realization of the plush symbol of our company iTuber, we will know who to turn to in the future).

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