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Knitted toy hare with a removable brain

Knitted soft toy

When a person knows what they want - that's always 50% of success. We take care of the other 50! For this bunny, we received a complete and most accurate technical specification imaginable. We discussed the smallest details, adjusted some nuances and got down to business. Or rather - for thread and hook. Bunny, loop by loop, began its appearance in the world. But with the first time toys only in the movie get) And in real life had to tie the limbs several times to please with the proportions of the customer, to think through and implement the attachment of limbs. We also created a bunny exclusive eyes from polymer clay and a cute nose. And the soft brain, according to the original idea, is always in view, but not stationary, but mobile and mobile. After all, it is the most attractive part of any organism! It should be available 24/7! And who else suddenly needs bunnies with brains and not only - you can fulfill any fantasy, in Art-Berlog!

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