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Branded mascot pillow

Brand soft pillow

A decorative pillow is always a bright accent in the interior. And when the decorative pillow is made in the image of a mascot - the main character of the company - it is an undoubted advantage. After all, any visitor to the office will definitely notice such an unusual accessory, be sure to touch it and form a new psychological beacon in its perception of the organization. And this beacon 100% will be positive. The toy-pillow in the form of an unearthly creature is made of microplush, filled with tender and ultra-soft chollofiber. The company logo is embroidered on the back. The front part of the mask is formed volumetric with the help of special sewing techniques. Wide radiant smile also has volume, or rather - a hollow inside the toy, thanks to a specially designed frame. The product is safe for adults, animals and even preschool children.

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