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Space dog winner

Soft toy dog

Every winner knows that it's the clothes that count. And to be more precise - by the way they look. We have never seen a more stylish outfit of the winner! And we have never seen a more handsome dog with leadership skills! More solid and monolithic image - did not expect! And why? And all because we do not wait! We act! This is how "born" in our workshop charismatic and incredibly strong toys that are able to energize, surprise visually and inspire to conquer new heights. After all, when your plush friend proudly carries the banner of the winner in the form of the logo "WINNER", it is impossible to be morally weak next to him. You want to match. The toy is made 100% handmade. There is not a single machine stitch in the toy. Only handmade! Since the size of the Dog is small, and there are a lot of small parts and, with the help of a machine, to collect this textile "mosaic" is impossible. Inside the toy there is a flexible frame, which provides flexibility of the toy's limbs. The dog is stable and does not require additional supports. It took almost three weeks to create such a masterpiece. And it is worth it!

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